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  strives to provide its patrons with Click to see bigger pic reliable stream, weather and fishing conditions during the fall, winter and spring. We are happy to provide this information for anglers so that they can make informed decisions about fishing trips. Please be aware, however, that weather, fishing conditions and water flows can change in a moment's notice. Hydro power generation can and does alter water flows. Not all fishermen's expectations and skills are equal and if you wait for "perfect" conditions, you'll likely miss some good opportunities. No guarantee of success, natural conditions or safety is ever implied. Here's what we know right now...

Last updated: last week Apr 2016

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Lodging dates are available for 2016 trib season. There's lots of good fishing for salmon, steelhead and brown trout ahead! Stay at the Licorice Lodge at the shop in the heart of the fishing action! New lodging available at the our private well appointed Garage Lodge located just 5 miles east on Route 18, convienent to Sandy Creek. Reservations now accepted for fall 2016.

The Oak Orchard Pen Rearing Association received approx 10,000 steelhead placed in net pens in the OOrchard Apr 2015. Approx 106,000 King salmon where placed in the net pens for hopeful imprinting on the OOrchard. These numbers represent just some of the total number of salmonids stocked here in Orleans County annually. Many thanks to local stakeholders for their efforts of securing, feeding and monitoring the fish. More tributary anglers are invited to help with feeding the fish and cleaning the pens. Contact us for how and where to help out in 2016. Be sure you contact NYSDEC for comments on the cormorant situation and the impacts on the young stocked salmonids.

The Sportsmen Archer's Club Fly Fishing Only Catch and Release Contest will be held Oct 19, 20, 21 - 2016. Everyone always enjoys the great hospitality and comradorie of the Archer's Club and will experience some good fishing. Their cooperation with out of the area fishermen is truly above board and greatly appreciated by all. Please contact us or see the Club for registration. The access to the Archer's Club to fish 2016 spring fishing - park at the top of hill and walk down to fish. Fall fishing, parking and breakfast/lunch will start the first week of Oct and run thru Veterans Day. After that fishermaen can park at the top of the hill and walk down. All non club members are reminded to act as courteous and responsible guests on the private bankside lands of the Archer's Club so that we may all enjoy the fishing access there now and in the future.

We encourage all users to follow the site rules for access and fishing on the Brookfield Power Company lands. We cannot speak for the power company or interpret their site rules. We have a map posted outside the shop door highlighting the PFD zone just downstream of the dam and on the overflow channel on the OOrchard. We can also forward you a copy of the Brookfield Power Company brochure highlighting that area if you provide us your email. For specific questions about the Waterport dam site rules you can email Inquiries@Brookfieldrenewable.com.

Orleans Outdoor has changed it's name to Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge. Check out our new sign and logo in current fish pics below. We look forward to another nearly 20 years as WNY's longest running speciality trout and salmon tributary fly, spin and float shop!

End of Season April Sale... Ask about savings of 20% or more on big ticket stuff like rods and reels and combos and waders and jacs, etc... we'd like to move out some overstock gear in preparation for fall 2016! You save!

OOrchard pen reared fish received from NYSDEC week of Apr 11. The King salmon and steelhead will be "reared" in the net pens placed in downstream Lake Breeze Marina for the approx next few weeks before eventually release around the Rivermouth. Contact us for volunteer help with pen cleaning and fish feeding. Trib angler support is encouraged for this workload largely shouldered by the Lake charter guys.

last week Apr...
We are transitioning into summer reduced shop hours but you can call or email and we will get back to you. Flows in the OOrchard are mod and stained. It looks like 24/7 seasonal Erie Canal water feed is underway so flows will be stained at least for a bit. And there was some precip Mon nite so that will add to the flow, although theres lots of greenery now for some capture. The weather is cool enough for a steelhead to be hanging around if they wanted to be and there are a few more bass reported. The weather scenario now is actually cooler then it was weeks ago so theres no great water temp warm-up for now. Persistent drifters and swingers can still find some decent steelhead chances on the larger tribs like the Catt, Niagara or Genny. The land lubber casting chances on the big Lake have been good when wind and waves coincide for good green water and some nice catches of browns are reported. Thats a real good sign for next falls trib action because this springs in-shore action already seems to have outpaced last springs.

Apr 22...
See previous. Flows in the OOrchard are low - mod and mostly clear. The Erie Canal is filled for the season and so 24/7 supplemental water feed will commence soon with a slug of colored water coming thru the system. Water temps are warming up and there have been a few bass caught on the OOrchard. Just thru this end of the week tho theres still been a few steelhead hooked up in the OOrchard. Fishing pressure is lite all around, theres not yet even much of a serious Lake effort. That trolling pressure should perk up around the first part of May. In the meantime theres better in-shore casting or small boat chances when some stained water is near the beach from wave action or trib discharge. Consistent lite easterly winds keeping clear water on-shore can make it more difficult.

Apr 20...
Flows in the OOrchard are low-mod and clear. Steelhead action is waning, but persistent drifters and swingers can still find a fish or two. Maybe a dropback or lonely spawner or fresh jack steelhead or silver brown trout or smallmouth bass. Theres been no serious precip lately but there is the chance for rain thu or fri. Temps are forecast seasonal in the 50's F thru the end of week and weekend. The other area smallest and smaller tribs have low and clear flows. Trib fishing pressure is real lite and even the in-shore Lake pressure by serious trollers or civilian small boat guys or land lubber casters is pretty lite too. But by the action reported on those in-shore waters it sounds better then last spring and that hopefully bodes well for this fall's returns, never mind the hook-up chancess on some nice browns rite now. So... you can still scratch get that big trout itch on larger tribs like the Catt, Niagara or Niagara bar or Genny or big Lake in-shore waters for a while yet. The perch and bass and inland trout will still be there later!

Apr 18...
Thru the past weekend guys got a few steelhead hook-ups in the OOrchard on some fish that are scattered about. Flows are dropping and clearing for now at mod and pretty clear. There's still the chance at a last lick steelhead or two from dropbacks or lonely males or maybe a fresh jack. Silver brown trout or bass could be encountered too. The cath and release bass action should be improving each day. The other area smallest and smaller tribs have low and clear flows. Other late in the season chances include the larger tribs like the Catt, Niagara or Genny. The in-shore big Lake action has been decent when theres been some color to the shallower and warmer water and land lubber casters can get in on that light line action too for mostly hard hitting brown trout. Forecast is for warm temps today with chance of showers tonight and cooler for rest of week with chance of precip toward the end of week.

weekend Apr 16...
OOrchard flows are looking about mod and pretty clear. Weather is warming up with clear skies and no serious precip in the near forecast. Fishing pressure is real lite. There are still a few fish getting hooked up at the dam and there's scattered numbers of fish in the rest of the river fast water and downstream holes. Those fish at the dam will be sliding back providing some drop back chances and there's still the chance for a fresh fish or two or lonely spawners. There's the opportunity to catch some of those for now stranded fish in the overflow channel and re-release them back into the turbine channel. The other area smallest and smaller tribs are dropping toward low and clear flows and are prob a better option for smallmouth then trout hook-ups by about now.

Remember you still have to get out and fish... Come experience great fishing as it takes place instead of solely relying and waiting on internet reports. Anglers who find the best fishing often anticipate when the right conditions will come together. Internet bragging seems a lot less prevelant then it was a few years ago, and our reports tend to be even keeled - not reporting fish numbers great enough that they would be jumping in your waders - even if they were! Good water flows will be the biggest factor for trout and salmon migrations in the Oak Orchard River and in the area smaller tribs and pushing them upstream. Weather and the calendar is the biggest factor for angling pressure and bringing more fishermen out or keeping them indoors. There are always some exceptional fish caught in the trib season, just check out the pics below and in the archives. Come on out and get in on some trophy action this fall, winter and spring and add to the photo collection!

What does the Oak Orchard River, the Lakeshore and other WNY tribs offer? The chance to fish from your own two feet for trout and salmon you measure in pounds, not inches, for 7 - 9 months depending upon weather and water conditions. A trip to the Oak Orchard River and WNY to fish for World Class trout and salmon is still easily the best bargain in trophy fishing. The working man's big trout and salmon trip is still here, and it's not even a contest compared to the other exotic, far off angling destinations. We believe our web reports are the straightest poop by far about Oak Orchard and most WNY conditions. We are living and experiencing all the fishing action directly or thru trusted reports of other die hard anglers as it happens. So how do you know if trophy trout and salmon will be catchable upon your travels to the Oak Orchard and WNY area? All the best web info, bulletin boards, angler skill and top notch equipment cannot replace getting out there and actually fishing! The nuances of fish migrations is an inexact science and we cannot predict the future. Fish as soon as reasonable conditions allow instead of waiting for supposed better conditions that may or may not materialize. Be one of the lucky few that experiences good fishing as it takes place instead of hearing that famous quote, "you should have been here yesterday!"

Tight lines and smooth drags!
Licorice Man


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Latest Catch Photos

New name - same shop and lodge! Look for web upgrades and other changes coming for 2016.
On the first shot of Feb 2016 high water, Mike finds a good OOrchard steelhead with a slow and deep drift.
Do you need any more evidence that high and stained late winter OOrchard flows brings in some chrome?! Feb 2016.
The Licorice Man comes off the DL for a brief fly drifting stint and finds willing OOrchard biters like this pretty med chunker, one of a few others hooked but not landed in high and stained flows begin Mar 2016.



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