The guides routinely use their knowledge of run timing to put clients onto fish in some of the less popular tributaries where you can cast to unharried fish. A guide can be an invaluable asset to help you learn in a day what may take you a season or two to put together on your own, and can introduce you to some new water. All the guides listed below are available for outings through .

Guide List/Bios

Captain Michael Augat- NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
Paul Jacob- NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
Jay Peck- NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
Michael Prairie- NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
Brian Slavinski- NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide

Captain Michael Augat-NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
"Captain Mike" is a true gentleman and a genuine sportsman. He delights in helping fishermen catch the trophy trout and salmon of the Great Lakes tributaries. Augat can help you master basic fly fishing techniques or more advanced casting methods. He can teach you how to land the lunkers on light line noodle rods. His clients frequently are repeat customers, enjoying their outings year after year. He travels throughout western New York, Lake Ontario and the Lake Erie tributaries. Augut
guides some celebrity clients and is a member of the L.L.Bean Elite Product Tester Team. Contact the shop for more information and to arrange an outing with "Captain Mike."

Paul Jacob-NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
For Paul Jacob, fly fishing is much more then a sport, it's his passion. Paul launched Reel Action Fly Fishing in the Fall of 2001 with the guide service covering both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie tributaries. Catering to his client's desires to catch steelhead, salmon and brown trout, he focuses on areas with high concentrations of fish. Jacob follows the principle of "never leaving fish to find fish" so he patrols the tribs constantly. Jacob is a certified casting instructor with the Federation of Fly Fishers having gained accreditation through the L.L.Bean Fly Fishing School. Jacob can answer your questions regarding casting styles and techniques while providing you with solutions to common casting problems. Catch and release fly fishing is emphasized. A high quality digital camera is used to take detailed pictures allowing clients to get replicas made of their trophy fish. Jacob can provide lunch, flies, tackle, digital pictures and often a video of the day. Beginners and advanced anglers are invited to join him for a memorable day fly fishing the Great Lakes tributaries. Contact the shop for more info or to perhaps speak with Paul directly and to arrange an outing.

Jay Peck - NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
A native of the Oak Orchard area, Peck keeps close tabs on conditions in the Oak Orchard River. He has nearly 20 years of experience fly fishing and fly tying for trout and salmon. Peck calls the Oak Orchard home, but he can also lead clients on successful outings from the Niagara River to the Salmon River. In fact, his one-of-a-kind custom-built wooden drift boat can often be found on the Salmon River floating fly fishermen to unmolested waters during peak runs. He encourages catch and release and is happy to share his custom-tied flies to help clients get into some trophy Steelhead or Brown trout. Contact the shop for more information or to arrange an outing.

Michael Prairie - NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
Michael Prairie has an enviable position - he fishes too much! He ranges on all the Lake Erie and Lake Ontario tribs and is always in a position to put his clients' onto fish since he is so familiar with tributary conditions and run timing. Double-digit fish days are a real possibility with Prairie as your guide. His knowledge of select techniques and fly selection for a given tributary under a variety of conditions is remarkable. He is a full time, licensed guide, pursuing King Salmon in the Fall, Brown trout in Fall and Winter and Steelhead whenever he can locate willing takers. Contact the shop for more info or to perhaps speak with Mike directly and to arrange an outing.

Brian Slavinski - NYS Licensed Outdoor Guide
Brian Slavinski has been fly fishing the western New York region for twenty years. His experiences have led to a vast knowledge of how to fish for trout and salmon using traditional fly fishing techniques. He believes strongly in the quality of the fly fishing experience and knows well all the opportunities that exist for great fly fishing in western New York. His specialty is angling for Salmon, Brown Trout, and Steelhead in all the tributaries of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Using a variety of techniques from the most traditional presentations to regional innovations, Slavinski will assure you of a memorable day on the stream. Contact the shop for more information or to arrange an outing. 


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