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Check out our seven tackle catagories. The catagories include a lot of great gear for the tributary fisherman. Fly fishing gear is highlighted, but you'll find not only fly gear, but float and spin gear to. Generally it's all just drift fishing, so you can choose how you prefer to "make a drift."


leaders and lines
rod and reel
This item coming soon

Here are the current catagories of fishing tackle that you can now purchase on the on-line catalog. This on-line catalog is under construction and along with your support we will constantly be adding more products - please check back with us frequently! Please verify any orders with a phone call 585 682 4546.

At , we carry all the right gear you'll need for Great Lakes tributary angling. If you like to fish from your own two feet, then we carry the fly, spin and float tackle to do it. Casting, drifting or retrieving, our selection makes Orleans Outdoor "your resource for Oak Orchard and WNY tributary angling." Check out our line-up of manufacturers. The product lines have been selected for quality and value. Our inventory and on-line capability is expanding. Any product that you can't find on-line can be ordered with a telephone call or just drop us an email. One hookup with a 30+ pound King salmon like this and you'll appreciate the good gear you purchased!

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