is located on Oak Orchard Road (Route 98) just north of Albion, New York. The shop is centrally located to the best western New York Great Lakes tributaries including the Oak Orchard River, Johnson Creek, Eighteen Mile Creek, Marsh Creek, Niagara River, and Genesee River. Other unnamed tribs draw trout and salmon too. With the exception of the Niagara River, which is about an hour's drive away, all the tributaries are an easy, short drive from . Because of the diversity of tribs to fish, there is always some productive water during the fall, winter or spring.


Want to "hunt" huge Browns amid the spectacular Fall foliage and agreeable weather? Western New York tributaries, especially the Oak Orchard River, are renowned for World Class brown trout angling. Fair hooked King Salmon over 30 pounds will also test an angler's tackle and mettle during the Fall season.

The best salmon fishing in the upstream gravel reaches usually gets underway near the end of September peaking through October and sometimes lasts into November. Cohos can extend the run even further. Angling for Brown Trout peaks at the end of October and through November, even lasting through December. With consistent flows, some browns even winter over in the tributaries. Steelhead, Rainbows and Atlantic Salmon can be caught throughout the Fall season and are an extra special thrill during this warm water season.

If you're too excited to wait for the action in October, then come cast and retreive a spoon, plug or fly in the lower Oak Orchard River sections and the rivermouth. Arm jarring strikes will be your reward. These are the freshest salmon of all and can be caught by the beginning of September and sometimes the end of August.

Steelhead, one of the most sought after gamefish, is the prized quarry during cold-water periods. They will leave you wondering how any fish could battle so hard in cold water, and will readily take a well presented fly drifted through likely holes and runs. 

Some Steelhead linger in the tributaries from Fall migrations, but they generally enter the tributaries on high water periods from November through April. Peak runs are usually January, February, or March with spawning occurring in March and April. Savvy anglers contact the shop or check this website to keep tabs on weather and flow conditions (click here) for successful Steelhead fishing. 

For anglers who just can't give up on the trout action come April, the larger tribs can contain steelhead right through May. Runoff conditions will often dictate your success. And to extend your big trout fix even longer, there is great Lake Ontario shoreline action beginning about late March and through May. Casting spoons, plugs and flies will yield strikes from brown trout especially, and even some steelhead, coho salmon & smallmouth bass.

The area is fast becoming known as one
of the country's premier fishing regions and is an extraordinary trophy trout and salmon hotspot.

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